Sunday, May 18, 2014

"God Uses Every Little Problem to Cause You to Flourish"

Today's blog is an encouragement to us that God will turn every situation into one that will make us flourish. Written by our very own, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, it is sure to be a gold mine of humour, real life stories, and valuable lessons! Thanks for joining us on your journey today. 

     The other night while preparing to fly out here to shoot The 700 Club Canada, I had a plumbing emergency under my kitchen sink.  I called the guy in our family who fixes everything, my cousin Doug.  I told him that there was a pool of water that would not stop and I needed him to fix it.  He came right over, like all those fix-it guys always do, but after assessing the problem he said that out of his hundreds of expensive tools, he did not have the right plumbing tool to tighten the o ring…or something like that.  Doug said I would have to turn off all the water in the house or call a plumber and we know that would cost an awful lot late on a Saturday night! I sat there wondering why this was happening.  God knew my schedule.  I still had to run to the grocery store to get some last minute things for my family while I was away.  I had to prepare for these tapings and pack all my things.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed.  I just didn’t need one more thing on my already filled plate.  I sat there at my kitchen table with only the energy to breathe out one silent prayer…”Dear God…help!”  
     I suddenly remembered that my pastor Paul had once mentioned in a sermon that he used to be a plumber many years ago … and he hated it. I quickly gave him a call and he said he would be over within half an hour with the right tools to fix it.  Within 5 minutes of arriving he fixed the problem, but said he had never seen the plumbing problem that I had in all his years.  I was tempted to really hate the devil at this point because clearly he had been trying to disrupt my peace.  Then my cousin Doug told Plumber Pastor Paul about how the water pressure of my house was low.  This had been an issue for my family for eight long years.  The kids would complain about how weak the shower was in the basement and the kitchen  tap always flowed poorly.  Within minutes, Pastor Paul took his tools and shook, rattled and rolled something and all of a sudden we had water pressure like you would not believe.  The family started jumping up and down for joy, I used the kitchen sink sprayer and it came out so well I almost lost control of the hose.  It was amazing.  
     By the time this seeming crisis had passed, God had fixed an eight-year-old nuisance at my house!  Now … I realize this was just a small calamity in my life, believe me, I’ve had far bigger and more disastrous things happen, but I can tell you something for certain, whether great or small, my God has used every single misfortune to bring about good in my life.  That’s what God does.  It is what the Word of God promises that “all things will work together for good.”  When you suddenly face an unexpected problem, first cry out to God for help, secondly, stand back and watch how He will bring something absolutely incredible out of it. 

Enjoy this short video of Laura-Lynn as co-host of the 700 club. Be empowered to find the source of true power in your life and watch yourself flourish!
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is one of WJOF's recommend speakers. She shared a powerful closing keynote speaker at Sharing the Journey seminar on April 5, and is also one of the headline speakers on our upcoming "WJOF Speaker Tour: Sharing God's Story through Our Stories", a first of it's kind on June 5-9 2014 as a "pre-Flourish" event. If you live in Saskatchewan , check out our Eventbrite site to find out more information and to purchase your tickets today... Our 15th annual conference "Flourish" will be held on November 7-8 2014 at TCU Place Saskatoon SK Canada.

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