Friday, December 04, 2009

Suggested Study- Nurture by Lisa Bevere

In our upcoming Women's Journey of Faith Newsletter for December, one of the things we will be highlighting is the book/study "Nurture" by Lisa Bevere for the coming year.
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WJOF's vision statement: The Restoration of Women, through Gathering...Nurturing..Discovering...Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

Starting in January, we will highlight areas that are related to the nurturing aspect of God and also the nurturing gift we have as women that is often overlooked or untapped.

Lisa writes:
"Nurture is what you need to give and get! As God's daughters, it is our season to flourish! This curriculum positions you to make connections, write your life, reclaim your feminine intuition, strengthen your family and find your place as the world-changer God has destined you to be. Nurture is not merely taught, but modeled throughout these seven DVD lessons. You and your group will be encouraged by Darlene Zschech, Joyce Meyer, Jack Hayford, Bobbie Houston, and 13 other leaders from around the globe who have lent their strength to this project. You will be inspired, encouraged and empowered through this life-transforming curriculum experience."
Curriculum Includes:
  • 7 Video Sessions on 3 DVDs (30 minutes each)                              
  •  7 Audio Sessions on 3 CDs (30 minutes each)
  • Nurture Hardcover Book
  • Workbook
  • Encouraging Videos from 17 international leaders
  • Promotional Materials
  • Cross Necklace
  • Beautiful Daughter, this world needs you, so find your voice and bring your strength!

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Kelly said...

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The LORD is with us !

-:) Hugs !!!