Friday, November 03, 2006

Conference time!

The big day has arrived and we are hours away from the
conference! Lisa Bevere and her assistant arrived late last
night in beautiful Saskatoon and I am meeting her over
coffee this morning to connect face to face. Email, phone
calls and letters are great- but nothing beats a person
to person encounter to share-dream-discern- and
encourage. My heart is full this morning of great
anticipation of what the Lord will do through the
ministry of WJOF this weekend. Praise God for the
many faithful servants who will sing, play instruments,
speak, pray, and greet @ this event. It takes many
hands and hearts to fulfill a mandate such as this.
When each person does their part with excellence,
passion, and joy- the unity among us thrives!
May this conference be a blessing to all who come!

*Tickets are at 1703

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Lisa's Pic's said...

I loved this conference! It was my 2nd year that I'd been at this conference. Lisa Bevere encouraged me so much - I loved her stories and how well she spoke without notes! This past week I was asked to speak at a ladies event in Warman. I told a friend on the phone the night before that I would love to be like Lisa Bevere and just speak from my heart and not look at my notes once. My friend told me she would pray for me cause she KNEW that I could do that. She had more faith in me than I did because I don't know if I could ever do that.
Anyway, the next day just before I was to stand up to speak, I went into my purse to retrieve my notes. Guess what?? They weren't there! I forgot them at home, sitting on the dryer machine right beside the door! GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!! I got up and shared this with the ladies, and then continued to share what God put on my heart for that morning. Guess what?? I didn't look at my notes once!! hee-hee. God is good! It went very well! When I got home later, I checked my notes, and I had spoken about everything I had written down. Can you believe it?? God is good and He does have a sense of humor! He does provide everything you need - you just gotta have faith ladies!!
Serving Him with excitement,
Lisa Braun