Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"The Wisdom of Sowing Sweet Peace" by guest blogger Donna Carter

Sharing God's Wisdom for the journey!  We'd like to introduce you to Donna Carter, one of WJOF's recommended speakers! Love what she writes this week on seeking God's wisdom to "sow sweet peace"...

     We often find ourselves embroiled in conflict. Each of us approaches the world with a unique perspective based on the lessons life has taught us. Those lessons are as individual as our DNA, family of origin, and the particular roads we have traveled. How can we expect to agree on matters of importance when we bring such divergent histories to the table?
Even Christians who attempt to base their important decisions on God's Word disagree much of the time. If you don't think so, count how many distinct Christian churches you pass on the way to work tomorrow and explain that to yourself.

     Earthly wisdom is rooted in pride and personal agenda, but when we employ Heaven's pure wisdom, we are more concerned with learning and listening than winning. We seek to understand the lessons that others bring to the disagreement and are willing to learn more about every perspective offered. Sometimes it means being less sure of what we have always been so sure about. It means tugging down those defences that seem to erect themselves so quickly when our opinion is challenged.

    Recently, I had to wade through several complicated and heart-breaking conflicts. In a season of profound loss, I had to deal with the complexity of hurt feelings, indignation (righteous or not), and positions on an issue that made no sense to me. The temptation was to retreat into my shell and waddle back to the swamp. Human wisdom told me that I held the high ground and shouldn't have to defend it. Human wisdom insisted that I really didn't need those kinds of people in my life. It told me that in my fragile state, I'd be better off investing my energy in healing relationships and write out those who couldn't understand my heart in this chapter of my life.

    But James- actually God, wouldn't let me. Knowing what these words from James and other scriptures say, I had to ask myself a question. After the bruising Jesus took to his heart and body to reconcile me to himself, how could I think it was okay to not "Do all (I) can to live in peace with everyone." (Romans 12:18)

    It’s not okay! Heaven's wisdom insists that I be a peacemaker. I am required to enter the danger zone of conflict and painful emotions in order to plant peace. It was hard. Very hard. I shed tears, endured intestinal rebellion, and interrupted sleep. But I planted those seeds. I took responsibility for the portion of the relational damage I had caused even, though it was unintentional, and asked questions about how to better negotiate the relationships involved. I listened to other perspectives on my choices and behaviour. In two cases, I was not forgiven or asked for forgiveness right away. It took time for those seeds to germinate. But restored relationships eventually resulted, even in those cases where I initially thought my efforts to humble myself and obey God were in vain.

    We can't ignore God's instructions and expect to enjoy God's blessing on our lives and relationships! Employ the wisdom that comes from Heaven, in your family, in your church, your workplace and all your relationships. God promises that those who plant seeds of peace will reap a harvest of righteousness. I can tell you form personal experience that it’s worth it! 

 Donna Carter has a unique ability to synthesize life experience into digestible life lessons. She is sought after as a speaker internationally because of her passion, humor and the light-bulb moments she triggers for people seeking help on their spiritual journeys. Nothing excites her more than participating in the restoration of women’s hearts, and their relationships with God and others. Author of 10 SMART THINGS WOMEN CAN DO TO BUILD A BETTER LIFE (2007) and FRIEND ME Turning Faces into Lasting Friendshipsalong with the accompanying DVDs and conversation guide, was released February 2013. They live in Calgary, a thriving city in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies.
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