Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Significance of Womanhood- True Woman 101 Sneak Peak

   Gender matters. There is a divine design for why God created men and women. We live in an age that fights that big time though!  It is undeniable from the hundreds and thousands of people I've met on the journey thus far, that there is an intense spiritual battle for our souls. Likewise, there is a battle going on in the world in regards to gender and it's view of women. Simply put, there is an identity crises going on... Rather than focusing on the dysfunction of it all, we are choosing to look to God's word and our response to it. There are incredible biblical foundational cosmic truths that pinpoint to God's intentionality in creation.  WJOF's vision is the "Restoration of Women". What are we being restored to? What did Jesus come to restore us from? What was our original intent as Genesis 1:27 says that we were created in His image? What does that mean in our complex culture of economic and educational merit, marital status, the beautiful diversity in our race/languages and the many roles we find ourselves in as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend...

"Be very careful how you live- not as unwise but as wise..." Ephesians 5:15

 Not too many books or studies are addressing the "gender issue" in as clear and concise way than what I've seen in True Woman 101. Although our team is full swing gearing up for our spring seminar this weekend at Sharing the Journey on April 27th with local speakers, we are also kickstarting promotion for our big annual fall event "Wisdom" with keynote speaker Mary Kassien, who co-wrote True Woman 101 with Nancy Leigh DeMoss!

Gender, biblical womanhood, restoration of women... original intent... whew! Sure, it may be a touchy subject for many, but we are willing to get the conversation going. Gender Matters. We need God's wisdom to choose wisely throughout our journey of faith. We at WJOF will be recommending books and Bible studies throughout the year and to start us off this spring/ summer- we will focus on True Woman 101.

 If you're interested in journeying with us on this 8 week study journey, that would be fabulous! Simply order a workbook from your local Christian bookstore or online and you can choose to go at your own pace, interact with WJOF on our blog here or directly on the True Woman 101 website with women from all across the nations! You might want to start up a group in your home or church community too and consider leading this to get the conversation going as well. Check back online this summer where we will feature all 8 weeks of this study in July/ August 2013 in our WJOF summer study series!

Bless you and we look forward to sharing more on this in the coming year!

With Love,
Jodi Kozan
Founder/ President
Women's Journey of Faith

*For more information on WJOF's upcoming events, visit us online!http://www.wjof.com/events.php  Feel free to comment below on this post, or list a True Woman 101 study you are hosting in your area!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting- wow, you've got me curious now. I think I'm going to pick up this study and give it a look. My mind races when it comes to biblical equality and Genesis 1:27. My heart aches for men and women to 'get it' as I have experienced and witnessed way way way too much junk when it comes to relationships. I know there isn't a perfect book, author, speaker or study- but these ladies are hitting something deep at the core, my ears are ready to listen.

Lisa Braun said...

I've been leading 3 groups of women through this study - about 70 ladies - and we are in Week 2 right now. It's been very good, challenging and stretching...it's made us think A LOT....we've learned so much! We don't always 'like' what God's Word says but His Divine Design truly is THEE BEST ONE and when we submit to The Father's Will, that is where we will find the most fulfillment in our lives. You won't be sorry if you decide to journey through this study with us. :)
Lisa Braun

Anonymous said...

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