Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Empowered event- what a weekend!

The conference was just so f abulous. This is the first year where I
personally read all the comment cards the first week after the event.
All in all, I had a deep sense of God's leadership through this whole
year in preperation for our 7th annual conferece with WJOF. "Good
fruit" was a result where 36 childrenwere sponsored with World Vision,
28 women become Christians and hundreds "rededicated" their lives
to Christ Jesus on November 4th. Our team will meet in early December
to debrief and give feedback on our perspective roles, go over
the comments together and spend tons of time in prayer. Sure there was
techinical logistical hiccups throughout the day, but with 1775 women-
that was bound to happen. Other than the long lines for coffee and lunch,
everything in my heart said YES GOD! Lisa Bevere's speaking
ministry was phenominal, what an annointed woman of faith! CD's are available
by contacting Repeat International for $6 a session for those who missed
the event. www.repeatinternational.ca or repeat@sasktel.net all 4 of
Lisa's messages are available as a set or as a single CD.
I am looking forward to listening to these on my LONG roadtrip to see
family this month. I will SOAK in the messages as I didn't get that chance
at the event with the many hats I wear there. I recommend getting the
CD's for yourself OR for a friend. It woud make a nice gift for Christmas
too! We are called to live a life of empowerement- All the time. How quickly
we loose that vision for our lives... so let's keep plugged
into the Lord's vision and to encourage others on the journey!

(we will update the site with pictures soon, and information about our upcoming
seminar on March 17th "Sharing the Journey: Empowered to Serve")

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