Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gathering....Nurturing.....Discovering.... Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

-I went out for coffee with a longtime friend this evening and amidst our catch up chats, she commented "how awesome it must be to have found your calling". Well, I am most certian God is not finished with me yet, but I do recognize God's devine touch through my bumpy journey and am grateful I'm heading on the right path! If we truly had "eyes to see and ears to hear", we would see God's hand reaching out to us each step of the way and desiring us to choose HIS plans over our own agendas. Am I God Confident 24/7? I wish I could say so. What IS true though is the more I step out in faith, the more I OBEY the Lord, my Confidence grows more and more. Leading WJOF has been a great faith stretching endeavor for sure! WJOF is jam packed with amazing men and women (both upfront and behind the scenes, and YES, imperfect like me!) who are full of faith, love, incredible giftedness but most importantly a desire to serve. With all this in mind and all the great life lessons learned along the way- leading this ministry has truly been a gift to me personally and to our family.

"Gathering.....Nurturing....Discovering..... Sharng the Good News of Jesus Christ!

-Our WJOF vision statement hasn't changed since the inception of WJOF 8 years ago. Are we doing our best to fulfill this vision? Well, we are deffinately NOT perfect! God only knows the outcome. We do our best to use our gifts, passion and faith to serve in this ministry. Amazing how time flies where 8 conference planning years later- my heart and passion to serve God in this way grows even more.
I am stepping into the "MC" role this year so any prayers is greatly appreciated! In some ways, the WJOF team feels like we are planning a HUGE wedding for 1500+ brides. AND in many, many ways- we truly are........

Isaiah 62:5 “As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.”


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Anonymous said...

God Never calls the equipped.

He Equips the Called.