Friday, March 19, 2010

Sharing the Journey keynote speaker: Lorna Dueck- Haiti interview...

Dear Journey friends-

(This picture was taken at the Calgary conference last fall with one of our speakers for WJOF Lorna Dueck from Listen Up TV as well as Lorna's viewer relations assistant Lesley on my right.)

It's exciting to follow Lorna's work throughout the year as we prepare to host her once again at our upcoming seminar Sharing the Journey "Growing in Truth" on Sat. April 17th here in Saskatoon. One of Lorna's ventures in 2010 included a trip to Haiti last month. The aftermath from January 12th continues to have a ripple effect in the country and across the globe. It's amazing how small our world becomes when we are connected through the internet and media.It seems surreal to me as our family flew over the island on January 10th enroute back home to Canada from a restful vacation. It's tough to wrestle with the questions that loom with purpose, hope and faith. When one nation hurts, we all face and feel their hurt. Thankful for Media outlets who give such careful coverage of current events, giving a much needed Christian perspective.

Here is their link to this episde (409) which is divided into 3 parts on their main page:
-where was God
-ticket to hope

After watching the video, what is your answer to the question: ' What conclusion do you reach when told an all loving, all powerful God watches over the world?'

Feel free to comment on the LISTEN UP TV blog site or on the WJOF FB wall.

If you are able to join us on April 17th at our Sharing the Journey "Growing in Truth" seminar- Lorna will be our keynote speaker for this event. Register online!

Spread the Word! Share the Journey! Pray for WJOF as we seek to grow in truth in a world desperate for answers.
Blessings to you on YOUR journey of faith.

"As for God his way is perfect, the word of the Lord is flawless, He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him."
Psalm 18:30

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