Thursday, April 15, 2010

Share the Journey with us on April 17th!

Our team is excited that our Sharing the Journey seminar is finally here!

Most people know about WJOF from our fall conference here in Saskatoon.
Sharing the Journey is a one day seminar for women of all ages to grow deeper in the theme that was kickstarted in the fall. For those who attended "Flawless", they may recall our theme verse:

'As for God His was are perfect, the word of the Lord is flawless" Psalm 18:30

Our Sharing the Journey theme this year is "Growing in Truth". In talking with our keynote speaker Lorna Dueck this past week, it is evident that she has a strong message to share on this topic. Our break out sessions are excellent opportunities to be mentored in various areas where women can thrive in God's truth: being restored as God intends. LOVE IT! Here are the sessions we are offering this year:
  • Faith stories - Jodi Kozan
  • Marriage- Deb Gibson
  • Anxious No More- Linda Kasdorf
  • Joyful Journey- Marlynn Heagy
  • Worship Dance- Rebecca Baerg
  • Women in Leadership- Jacqueline Ottmann
  • BUGirl- Teen girl seminar- for girls in Grades 5-8 and 9-12
Various ministries and organizations will be in attendence as well in our display area. Just one way that WJOF seeks to share the journey with others!

(OR in person at the door. Saturday morning between 8:30am-9:00am)

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