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"Do You Know What You Need?"- Guest blogger: Lorie Hartshorn

Sharing God's Wisdom for the journey!  We'd like to introduce you to Lorie Hartshorn, one of WJOF's recommended speakers!  Love what she writes this week of being truly honest with ourselves digging deep for what we really need! -Jodi Kozan Founder/ Pres. Women's Journey of Faith

Lorie writes:
     I came down with a summer cold this week – ugh!  No one likes to have a cold but to get one in the summer is simply unfair!  The week prior to getting my cold I knew that I should have been taking my regular vitamins D and C…the cold fighters!  But, I had stopped taking them because I didn’t realize that I needed them!  I had lulled myself into believing that I was getting enough sunshine and eating fresh fruits and veggies, so why bother with the extra dose of vitamins….I mean, I felt fine and was unaware of what I really needed and what was coming.

     We can lull ourselves into thinking that we are not in need of anything including restoration.  We can dismiss signs of weakness or vulnerability and carry on in our lives not asking for true healing and health in our relationship with God and with others. 
I was struck by the truth that Restoration is only possible when we acknowledge our need of it when I was reading Psalm 130 recently. It tells us that restoration is available to us.  See v.7 with Him is full redemption (or restoration)”

    But we must first recognize our need of it!  We must desire it, cry out for it, ask for it!  Listen to verses 1 and 2 – Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord; Lord hear my voice.  Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.” This person is in desperation for redemption, for restoration, for help and healing from God – so they cry out!  They realize their need for restoration!

    I had to ask myself.  Do I realize my desperate need for restoration from God, both in my relationship to Him as well as my relationship with others?  And to be honest, at times – NO.  I allow myself to get lulled into thinking that I can carry on in my own strength, that I am healthy and that I don’t need God’s ‘vitamin’s/work’ in my life to continually give me what I really need. Verse 3 lets us in on the secret to realizing our need of restoration If you, Lord, kept a record of sins.  Lord, who could stand?”

   Restoration will only come when we recognize the reality and power of sin in our lives.  Feminism says:  Men are the problem!  The Gospel says:  Sin is the problem
Women will find their true identity when they acknowledge the power of sin in their own lives and the need for forgiveness which brings restoration. Verse 4 gives us the answer!  But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you.” 
When we cry out to God – recognizing our desperate need of Him – He gives us forgiveness, enabling us to serve him (freely!). The passage goes onto to say, I wait for the Lord, more than the watchman wait for the morning”… there is great anticipation in that kind of waiting…knowing that the morning is coming…waiting with expectancy!  And then we are told in v. 7 Israel (put your name in there) _____ put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption!"
 There it is!  FULL RESTORATION when we realize we need it and we cry out for it for we have a God that forgives and is full of unfailing love toward us! 

Want Restoration in your life?  Take your vitamins! - by keeping short accounts of your sins before a forgiving God.  Cry out for mercy.  Wait on God who is full of mercy and unfailing love – for ‘with Him is FULL REDEMPTION’

   -Lorie Hartshorn loves to encourage and equip others with the truth of God’s Word. Her authenticity, humour and deep love for people comes through. She is not simply a communicator – but a connector! She loves to share what God is teaching her on her own journey of faith and to provide insight and encouragement to others to live out the life that God has called them to. She released her first DVD study book "Finding Freedom"  this past year which is proving to be a fantastic Bible study tool and guide for men, women and children alike to seek out God's wisdom and Light for the Journey! You can connect more with Lorie at upcoming WJOF events, through her website or other social media sites! 

Twitter:  @loriehartshorn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lorieshart 

U-tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/loriehartshorn

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