Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Sharing the Journey: Using our voice"

      Thank you for joining us today as we prepare for our upcoming seminar titled, Sharing the Journey! Our blog is focused on being a voice and sharing our journey with others...

     Our voice is powerful. Words can build up and words can destroy. Jesus simply spoke and 

darkness trembled. If we allow our speech to be transformed, we can become a beacon of 

light in a life filled with darkness. We can effectively change the atmosphere around us and 

draw people to the One who saved us. 

Have you ever seen or even performed the Sunday School experiment with the plant? In 

this experiment, you have two seeds that you plant in two separate containers. These 

containers have a lid, typically. Along with watering these plants, you also speak words. 

Sounds crazy, right? In one container, you speak only positive things that build up and 

encourage. In the other container, you speak negative things that discourage. Once these 

plants start to grow, you will notice that the plant in the “positive” container will grow faster 

and look healthier than the other plant! Isn’t that out of this world? 

Everyday, we are giving countless opportunities to use our voice. We pull up to our 

favourite coffee shop and order our coffee/breakfast of choice. Then off to work we go, 

having multiple encounters with co-workers, customers, and perhaps even some “not-so-

friendly” people. Work is over and it’s time to pick up groceries, a dreaded task for some. 

People are everywhere, crowding the aisles and causing large lines at the till. All of these 

things are just a general overview of an ordinary day. Do you see how many times we are in 

contact with people? Take some time today to keep track of how many people you are in 

contact with. You may walk away astounded! 

My question is this: Do people notice something different in you? If our speech, habits, 

and patterns reflect those of the majority, why would anyone be interested in our God? But, 

if our life reflects the one who saved us, transformed us, and gave us life, people will be 

drawn to us. Why? Simply this: People do not want what they already have, they want light, 

life, and hope! If we do not represent our God, who will? We are His testimony, we are His 

witness, and our story is now His!

 For more details on STJ and to register click here: Sharing the Journey

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