Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You CAN Flourish! Live by Faith, Walk in Love..

Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Solution focused or problem focused? 
 Do you view your life as the "glass half full" or your "glass half empty"?

In other words...

  Are you an "I CAN" kinda person?

 Deep down inside, we want to flourish and be all we can be, have the ideal relationship, career, achieve success of some kind, attain a… you get the picture and fill in the blanks of what you ache for! So naturally when we don't meet those goals for whatever reason… our focus tends to be on our inadequacies rather than our potential and actually envisioning what it is to flourish! When failure becomes the norm, many ask 'Is it even possible to flourish?'

 Years back our team adopted a set of core values to guide us as a ministry:
 Live by Faith, Walk in Love and Affirm the Call!

   Even though we chose these words to guide our decisions, it still begs each individual to say yes to each phrase. I noticed in my own personal life as I envisioned what it would be to truly live and lead by faith, walk in love in all my relationships and be about affirming the call of each and every person, I was setting myself for a real challenge! In order to cast forth a vision to the masses, we are tested to the core so we can truly impart what we possess. As an imperfect visionary leader who often seeks, speaks and prays for the ideals according to the Word of God, I am grateful that our perfect visionary leader Jesus Christ is also realistic with us. He said "...Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 NLV)

Tests and trials come our way to refine us 

"...when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.  So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing." (James 1:2-4) 

    Be thankful for our trials? I used to think that scripture was just crazy, but the longer I walk on this journey of faith, I can truly say I 'get it'. Our roots and value systems run deeper after we go through the tests and trials when we hold onto Christ to guide us through them.  He gives us the supernatural strength required so that we CAN live by faith, we CAN walk in love and we CAN affirm the call no matter what! 

Are you there my friend? Join us on the journey! We'd love to encourage and pray for you! Connect with us through our mentor center, on Facebook or at any of our upcoming events!

   In preparation for our 15th annual conference "Flourish" on November 7th-8th here in Saskatoon, we encourage you to get to know our keynote speaker Dr. Caroline Leaf. Some ways you can do just that is to pick up one of her fabulous books, sign up for her online program "21 Day Brain Detox" or  watch her "Switch on Your Brain" episode: "I Can't Is a Decision". You won't regret it! Her teaching is incredible, her research invaluable and her faith is contagious! Another amazing sister in Christ we are connecting with who embodies our core values and strengthens our vision of Restoration! Her entire life work is to mentor others to Flourish! Gotta love Dr. Leaf:) 
Jodi Kozan is the founder and President of Women's Journey of Faith (A non-profit, non-denominational ministry for all women established in 1999). She was born and raised in Minnesota and married Tim (her Canadian prince charming) in 1990 and moved to the wide open prairies of beautiful Saskatoon where together they've raised 4 incredible daughters. She is passionate about their vision: "The Restoration of Women", encouraging women from all walks of life in their faith journey and to promote unity among all God's people regardless of their denominational preference/ focus. You can learn more about Jodi on her website, To learn more about WJOF, the Flourish conference and other aspects to this ministry, (Speakers, Faith Stories, Journey Wings, Israel Tour, Recommended resources) visit them online at www.wjof.com 

"May God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace... we can't help but thank God for you, because of your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing." 2 Thessalonians 1:2-3 NLT

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