Wednesday, August 06, 2014

"Identity crisis" - a blog on Worship

I saw a woman struggling to walk across the parking lot. I do not know what the condition was that caused her knees to bend unnaturally. My heart broke. She was determined, brave, and yet weary in the struggle. Like a soldier pressing on after days of heavy combat, she placed her feet one in front of the other and marched. As a flower whose stem was broken but continued trying to flourish. Just as quick as this moment had seized my attention, it was over. My life went one way, her’s another. Our paths had crossed for only a fleeting moment. My first thoughts were of sympathy: “That poor woman,” “I wonder if there is something that can be done?” “Why does this happen?” But then a conviction of fire was lit in my bones and I realized the weak state of my heart. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God! On top of that, I have been purchased and claimed as a daughter of the King of Kings! He is healer, deliverer, redeemer, saviour, defender, and so much more. If anyone can revive the weary heart of struggling soldier, He can. If anyone can straighten the stem of a broken flower and cause it to flourish, He can! Why is it, then, that I did not have courage nor heart to jump from my vehicle and rebuke the darkness? Why is it that I froze in fear of failure? I was plagued with questions and frustration until I swallowed a hard truth: my identity was found in self rather than in Christ. If I had truly given up my identity to reflect my Father and my God, then His character would compel me to let justice roll. When I worship in the sanctuary, it is easy for me to shout His fame and defend His honour. In the presence of Kingdom citizens, there is comfort and boldness. But in the presence of a different kingdom, I veil my identity. I strived to accommodate the idea of normal and to stay inside their comfort zone. Out of this, my worship had become a service in which the body empowered me to sing, shout, and dance to the honour of His name, but I had lost the idea of worship that says, “Lose your identity to be made in His image, carrying the spirit of the Lord inside of you at ALL times. For where the spirit of the Lord is, there IS freedom.” It only takes one life transformed, one word of authority, and one moment of faith to watch freedom reign. Why not my life, my time, and my heart? What do I have to lose but the hope of Salvation for another? In lieu of this, let's allow worship to saturate our life until our identity is the spirit of the Lord reigning in freedom. Others will know us by His spirit and His freedom and that, then, is our true act of worship. 

*Here is a video by Dustin Smith, who will be performing at our next conference: Flourish 2014

Bailey Riza is a young, passionate, up-and-coming voice in the music industry. A worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist, she has a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to teaching and leading. She is a member of the Faith Alive Band and travels throughout North America performing and ministering in many different arenas. Her songs have been featured on the Faith Alive Show as well as on Daystar Television Network.  Her latest EP, Coming Alive, topped the iTunes charts in Canada!  She was born and raised in Saskatoon, Sk, Canada and attends Faith Alive Family Church, where her parents are senior pastors.She loves her family, church, and country and has a zeal to see this generation experience a powerful outpouring of God's presence.
Bailey Riza will be our guest musician on our upcoming Fall Speaker Tour. For more information click here: Speaker Tour 2014
We are gearing up for our Fall conference, Flourish 2014. To find out more and buy tickets click here: Flourish 2014

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