Monday, February 29, 2016

"Why attend Spring Seminar '16?"

Spring Seminar is on it's way and it promises to be one to remember! The difference between Fall Conference and Spring Seminar is the opportunity to attend workshops in a smaller group setting as well as a more affordable ticket price. There are so many reasons to come out to this event and we'd like to list our top 5!

1) Joining together in worship with like minded women from across our province!

2) Hearing the depth of topics that our keynotes will be presenting such as: Walk in Love, Live by Faith, Affirm the Call, and Arise.

3) Taking time to invest in your life spiritually and in return being prepared to invest into your family, church, and community!

4) Being encouraged by hearing the testimonies of other women and learning how to share your story to impact others.

5) Feeling relaxed while browsing the Bonus Room, filled with great booths, during breaks and lunch hour while sipping a cup of coffee with a friend!

If you are ready to attend this amazing event, purchase your tickets here: TICKETS *Don't forget to invite a friend!

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lee woo said...

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. See the link below for more info.