Friday, September 29, 2006

Fight Like a Girl Curriculum- cool!

As a conference planner, it was so fun
to attend the St Louis conference and
not be in charge of anything, I was so
relaxed! (tee hee.) It was great to watch
Lisa "in action",using her God given gift's
of teaching and encouragement to spark
hope and vision into women from all walks
of life. I brought home one thing from the
event, and that was the "Fight Like a Girl" curriculum!
This will be available at the WJOF conference for
those who want to host a study in their home or church. "In a world that has blurred the gender
lines, it's not easy to discern between God's ideas on femininity
and man's. In Fight Like a Girl, Lisa Bevere challenges the status
quo that womenneed to fit into the role of a man, and she leads
you in the truth of what it means to be a woman. Discovering how
to express your God-givenstrengths will enable you to fulfill your
role in the community, workplace,home, and church. Designed
for groups and individuals, this 12-lesson kit will encourage you
to "fight like a girl" and find your true potential and fulfillment."
This kit includes:
-12 lessons on 4 DVDs
-Fight Like a Girl book
-Interactive workbook
-Genuine crystal bracelet
-Makeup bag

***Tickets for WJOF "Empowered" so far are at 1,432.We will have room for a few hundred more,
so feel free to spread the word!

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