Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Called to "walk on water"....

I recently attended a conference in St.
Louis with my mom and we had an amazing
time together. Lisa Bevere was one of the
speakers who shared for 1 session from her
book "Fight Like a Girl" to a crowd of 19,000
women! I had much confirmation that God
chose Lisa to speak an annointed message
for us on Nov 3-4 @ Empowered. The exciting
part is that she gets to speak 4 times at WJOF
. This is one amazing woman who God has raised
up to teach, encourage and inspire women in
their "journey of faith". Her life reflects a
woman who is surrendering herself to the call of God
on her life. As a result she is "Empowering" others to live
a life of holiness through radical obediance...... A catchy phrase I took
home from the conference...
" We are called to be WATER WALKERS! If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat."

***WJOF empowered tickets are now at 1412.

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Anonymous said...

Get out of the boat and keep your eyes on Jesus...we can't "walk on water" without Him. Cool concept!