Friday, September 15, 2006

A Journey of UNITY!

Many people claim that they can "do it on their own". With much pride and
self-worship, that kind of belief system robs one of God's intention for true
authentic Biblical community and HIS design for "family". Being apart of God's

family through faith in Christ is INCREDIBLE. We truly do need each other-
we were created to serve others as we love God. By experiencing God's spirit
"empowering" us- we will understand- accept and celebrate that ALL true believers

in Christ are our FAMILY. After 7 years of women's conference planning, it has
been so enriching meeting other women of faith along the way. Women who have
"walked the line" for their entire lives and others who are new to the faith.
Women's Journey of Faith esteems UNITY. Regardless of one's church affiliation,
denomination, or worship preferences, our heart is to fulfill the prayer of Christ
"that they all be one." .With God's grace and Empowering Love available for us,
there is no excuse for sibling rivalry!

Ticket sales are at 1315 for the Empowered conference!

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