Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God Confidence= Love Without Limits!

This picture was taken at the "confidence" conference where dancer Miranda Wong performed a lyrical dance to Amanda Falk's Song "Small" the words to the chorus go: I wanted to be small, Iwant to be just like a child, I want to be quiet in your arms.
Last year's theme for WJOF was "Confidence". Through the speakers, music and faith stories- we were reminded of the truth that it is in the arms of our heavenly Father where we find true confidence.

Our WJOF team is gearing up for our 9th annual conference "Love Without Limits" on October 31st and November 1st 2008. This month's "Love Without Limits" devotional for Women's Journey of Faith is "Rooted in Love' . Check out our website to read this devotional, Journey of Faith articles and audio messages from past Sharing the Journey speakers. We would love to hear your heart on the message of Love. You can share on this blog by posting comments, join our facebook group or email us @ info@wjof.com
(Detials for the conference will be available online by June 1st and tickets onsale in early July. If you are interested in being a church rep in your community to help promote the WJOF events, we would love to have you join our team! Simply email Colleen @ admin@wjof.com for more information.)

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