Saturday, March 15, 2008

Growing in Confidence

This image of Tanya and Ken ballroom dancing at the WJOF fall conference (with keynote speaker Angela Thomas) was to symbolize a woman being held in the arms of God. She is a confident woman bringing grace and beauty into this world. She "dances" through life realizing the arms of her Father in heaven are there to guide her every step of the Journey. It is out of that relationship, we can have confidence to step out onto the dance floor of life and grow in Confidence! On Saturday, March 1st we continued our theme at our Sharing the Journey seminar at TCU place in Saskatoon.

It is evident that God has put a vision before the ministry team for WJOF to assist women on the journey to step out into the calling God has placed in our lives. We are not meant to be wallflowers, watching life go by as others " dance on by". Each woman has a devine purpose. We speak strength to our core purpose- this includes God's original design for marriage, parenting, service, reaching out, mentorship, prayer, healing in our mind body and soul. At STJ 2008, our local speakers imparted strength to our faith journey and confidence to step out. In this all, we share the journey.

"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." Philemon 1:6

(PICTURES: check out our WJOF facebook group or our website for pictures from the "Growing in Confidence"


Tanya Wiebe said...

So much more than a blog! I have just added this blog site to "my favorites"! I am not a big fan of blogs, but this is so much more. Thank you, Jodi for writing such encouraging and life directing devotionals for us! Re: the photo & the waltz at the Confidence Conference, it was a real highlight for Ken and I. We dance together often, and the more we dance, the better I become at following his lead. Sometimes we are so unified that I feel like I'm flying freely across the floor. Sometimes the steps are more intricate and I have to pay close attention to the small changes in his position and lead or I will become lost. Other times I think I know what he is doing and I head out before him on my presumptions, only to find out that I totally misread his lead. And I must admit, that sometimes I just get stubborn and want to do something my way, so I take over. (This never ends well.) So, no matter how good Ken's lead is (and it is very good), I still have to choose to listen carefully and respond appropriately. In the end, it is my choice. Does this sound familiar?
Our lives can be a struggle with our Father God's lead, or we can experience the beautiful waltz that God destined us to share!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!! So romantic!