Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sharing the Journey Speaker: Linda Kasdorf: session: "Angry?"

Q. What does the theme "Love Without Limits" mean to you? Hmmm...I've given the theme a fair amount of thought. "Love Without Limits" is about unconditional love - the type of love we experience from God and as we mature in Him we have to share with others. I am cautious of the theme because there is a great difference between "Love Without Limits" and "Living Without Limits". As women we often get the two confused - thinking that not setting limits or boundaries in our relationships is the loving thing to do. God calls us to know who He has created us to be and to set limits and emotional boundaries that are respectful to ourselves and others. It is in setting healthy limits and boundaries and in living in close relationship with God that we can become great lovers.

Q. How will women grow in "Love" during your session at Sharing the Journey on March 14th?
It is very difficult to be loving when you feel angry...we will grow in love by becoming aware of our anger and how it impacts our lives...we'll grow in love by submitting that anger to God for Him to give us wisdom and clarity about it. We'll learn positive practical ways to deal with our anger that will leave us freer to love.

Q. Outside of your passion to speak, what do you like to do for fun?
Fun...I love to read...my husband & I really enjoy spending time with each other and time entertaining...I love to cook and bake - it is often a worship time for me...I enjoy sitting in the sunshine, canoeing, being with my kids, talking about God, I also enjoy spending time working in my flower gardens.

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