Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sharing the Journey Speaker: Deb Gibson- marriage session

Q. What does the theme "Love Without Limits" mean to you?
The absolute, extravagant, depth and breadth and height without end way
that God loves each of us, the heart of God that yearns to pour out
tous and for relationship with us, the potential we have, when we seek
Him, to love Him and then love others.

Q. How will women grow in "Love" during your session
 I am praying that their hearts are already opening to hearing and 
receiving the limitless love that God has first for them and their marriage. 
I pray that they will "get" the truth of marriage being an expression and 
testimony of God's love relationship between Jesus and His bride and
 that they will take home a new sense of purpose and passion to seek 
God first-no matter what challenges they may have in their marriages-
and to be transformed by His love.

3. Outside of your passion to speak, what do you like to do for fun?
 I love to play with my kids and grandkids (some are the same age), have
people over (I will use any occasion as an excuse to have a party),
go for walks and hold hands with my husband, cook, go to plays, concerts
etc., sculpt, anything creative, actually, I find most everything fun
except housework. Last night, I agreed to skydive with my friend, in
June. I'm sure it will be fun....

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