Sunday, June 19, 2011


Many of us have grown up in all sorts of different family situations. Father’s Day may cause us to examine or remember our own relationships with our natural fathers. Some have grown up with fathers who loved limitlessly making us feel loved, nurtured, safe, and protected. However, countless numbers of people have grown up with Dad’s that may have been abusive, distant, legalistic, or even those who neglected or abandoned us.

Sometimes, when we try to get into a relationship with our Father in heaven, we reflect some of these characteristics onto Him. The danger in this is it keeps us from seeing God for who He really is. This will limit us from experiencing God’s abundant love, presence, freedom, and peace.

Oh, Daughters of the Most High God, we must begin to see God through His amazing character and nature. Only then will we be able to let down our fears, inhibitions, and guards enough to encounter His overwhelming limitless love!

I urge you today to know and understand the following;

· God is Love! God created us and sent His only Son to the cross in order that we could be with Him and encounter this love.

· God wants to protect us and make us feel safe and secure in His arms!

· God wants us to be free to live for Him without insecurities, inhibitions, and fears.

· The Father wants us to be healed of all pain, rejection, and hurts from things that have happened in our past.

Ladies, it is time to LET DOWN OUR GUARDS! We have a loving Father who is waiting and wanting us to run to Him. He loves us sooooo much….just call out to Him and He will show up in your life pouring out His awesome presence in such a way you will NEVER be able to deny His love!

Jeremiah 31:3 (Message) God told them, "I've never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!

Proclaiming His Awesome LOVE,

Sheri Deobald


Jodi Lee Kozan said...

Well said. (love the Awaken theme going in this year's blog!)

I came to a place in my life in my early 20's where I reached out to the Father's Love and accepted HIs love and grace into my life. In doing so, it began a healing work in me. When it came to my relationship with my dad, we both asked each other for forgiveness of one another after I was married, moved away and became a mom. Although he was a great dad for the most part, he was pretty busy with work in my formative teen years where later on, he asked for forgiveness for not 'being there'. Those words also brought healing! Today, we share a special bond because of "The Father's Love".

Jayna said...

Happy Father's Day, God! <3

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happy dad's day. be the great father u can be

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Lucy said...

Inspiring blog :)

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