Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"True Woman 101" 8 Week Study Overview

Gotta love summer! A time to rest, enjoy the beauty of creation and put up our feet and pick up a book or engaging study to challenge our faith journey! Through our events, online connections and recommended resources, we desire to bring powerful truths to a woman's world to strengthen her faith journey in all arenas of life.  One way to engage with us is to connect with us here for a fun and interactive online Sister Summer Study over the next 8 weeks! As we prepare for our 14th annual conference "Wisdom" with keynote speaker Mary Kassian on November 1-2 in Saskatoon, SK Canada, we will highlight one of her Bible studies this summer: "True Woman 101, Divine Design.

 "Join Bible teachers Mary A. Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss who share with their panel the key fundamentals of biblical womanhood in this eight week study. Each week includes five individual lessons leading to a group time of sharing and digging deeper into God’s Word.  If you’re tired of the world’s cheap imitations and knock-offs—or if you’re tired of clich├ęd advice, shallow caricatures—then this foundational teaching and insight from God’s Word is for you! Thousands are tossing the world’s brand of womanhood and joining a quiet counter-Revolution. Find out why."- True Woman 101

Each Wednesday starting July 3rd, we will be posting the video and discussion questions from this study. To get more out of the study, you will want to pick up the workbook. Or you can also simply follow along on the site watching the videos and connecting with us here, with a friend or small group over a glass of ice cold lemonade on the deck! See more at: True Woman 101 

  • Week 1: Gender Matters
  • Week 2: Snips and Snails
  • Week 3: Sugar and Spice
  • Week 4: Snake in My Garden
  • Week 5: Battle of the Sexes
  • Week 6: Hear Me Roar
  • Week 7: Total Makeover
  • Week 8: Sisterhood is Powerful
"Seeking Wisdom for the journey involves getting back to the basics including why God created us as women. After leading this study at my home church this spring, I am thrilled to have WJOF highlight it online over the next weeks. I have found that this study brings such clarity to the "gender bender" issue and the reality that we are created in God's image to bear His glory on earth alongside men. There is a call for gender reconciliation in our hearts, homes, churches and the way we live out our call in the world. Powerful truths conveyed throughout the lessons, videos and discussion q's. You  won't regret diving into this with us- Hope you can join us!" - Jodi Kozan, President/ Founder Women's Journey of Faith

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