Thursday, June 20, 2013

WJOF Tours- a Faith Adventure! Join us on the Journey:)

   Women's Journey of Faith was birthed out of a desire to see the name of Jesus lifted high  and to bridge the Christian community together in unity through our events, seminars and online connections. Our vision is "the Restoration of Women" and our mission is "Gathering, Nurturing, Discovering, Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ"! It's been a joy to see this realized through various ways we've connected throughout the years (since September 2000, our first event) like our conferences, speakers, faith story seminars, sharing recommended resources and Bible studies with local churches and women's ministries etc.  In many ways, we feel like we are just beginning to touch the surface of our vision. There is great work to be done, many lives to reach and incredible opportunities to engage in together to make a difference in this world. When we introduced WJOF Tours this past year with our first one being a 10 day adventure to Israel, it was a joy to see our vision expanded once again!  I know from personal experiencing the tour to Israel, that there is such depths of wisdom poured out when you step onto the land where the Word of God was penned.  Teaching and testimony go hand in hand. We are so excited to announce our next tour is on May 13-27th 2014 to Greece and Turkey! If you have a desire to join us on this faith adventure, registration for our 2014 tour is now available! WJOF team leader Lisa Braun shares today on our tours blog:

Lisa writes: "Since my 2nd journey to Israel in 2009, I’ve been dreaming of continuing on to the footsteps of the Apostle Paul and also to ‘see’ the Churches of Revelation through the eyes of the Apostle John while walking through the land. On my 3rd journey with a group to the Holy Land, my tour guide Arie Harel and I began planning for the Greece/Turkey tour for 2014. It was so exciting! God had now brought me to the Holy Land with all of my family – 2008 with my hubby, son and pastor; 2009 with my middle daughter, 2011 with my youngest daughter – and now my heart yearned to go even deeper into the history of the church and the apostles….to continue the story of the New Testament after the time of Jesus. OH! I couldn’t wait! But in 2012, Jodi Kozan asked if I was willing to take WJOF on a tour to Israel in 2013. After prayer and discussion I agreed, still knowing that my heart was yearning to go to Greece and Turkey in 2014. So the journey to Israel with WJOF became my first venture to the Holy Land without a member of my family, but my 4th trip in total. Jodi and I discussed the possibility of partnering together for this journey to Greece as well, so that is how we’ve come to this place…and now you will know… the rest…of the story. :)  It’s been an absolutely amazing journey that God has had me on! Oh how I praise Him for instilling the yearning in my heart to venture deeper with Him in this way! It is such a joy and a delight to take women on these tours and to grasp the writings in Scripture in such a brand new way walking in the footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles!" Continue reading on the Tours blog... 

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