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2014 Pathways-A New Year for Relentless Redemptive Revelations!


Our drive for "New Year's resolutions" is a marker in our quest for restoration- mind/body/spirit. We turn the page to a new year and in doing so, desire a clean slate, a "better me," and a new beginning once again. It is a time to let bygones be bygones and leap into that glimmer of hope that this year will be better. We will be better if we only try. The problem with this mindset is that more often than not, we set ourselves up for failure when we rely on our own self-will and finite efforts.

If we focus on the the latest diet trends, books, classes or the self help 'experts,' we end up overwhelmed by the many paths we could follow.

This year we began a new journey in launching a speakers ministry arm of WJOF. One by one,
Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson,
 Marry Kassian,
Jodi Kozan, Lori Hartshorn 
connecting with women of faith and influence across the nation who resonate with our vision for the
Restoration of Women. None of them by any means are "experts," but are sisters in Christ have come to a place in their journey where they lean on the One who is:

"This is what the Lord says—your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow." Isaiah 48:17 NLV

One of these new speaker friends lives in beautiful British Columbia and is the c0-host of the 700 Club Canada. (Far left in the photo.) In such a short time, our hearts connected and I asked her to be the MC for our 14th annual conference this past fall. She was a riot and a fun MC! The WJOF crowd received her with open arms...

Our phenomenal keynote speaker, Mary Kassian, drove home a powerful four part message on wisdom and gender. Albeit a tough one, it was arguably a timely truth for all. Our team felt that through Laura Lynn's wittiness (and to be frank, darn right silliness), she helped to break the ice, allowing many hearts to hear the revelation of God's Word that was poured out through Mary's teaching, the worship, and the many faith stories shared throughout that weekend.

    What struck me in our newfound connection was the realization that we both encountered a profound call in 1999 to step out in faith on a path set before us. Laura Lynn in the realm of media, and I through initiating Women's Journey of Faith Inc. Both with a vision for Canada (and the nations)... a kindred sister friend who aches to make a difference.  This Christmas I finally  had the time to crack open her new release, "Relentless Redemption: No Pain, No Shame- Born to Reign." What a testimony to the faithfulness of God! 

 Reading Laura Lynn's story (involving much twists and turns along the way), validated what it took to help form the woman she is today- leading her on the path she was to follow…one where the message, character, and life of Christ shines through her so beautifully.  Awesome!

   Laura Lynn knows heartache, pain, and failure. She also knows God's promises... His revelations of purpose and relentless redemption. I, too, am discovering this myself. In all actuality, each one of our speakers have realized that our life messes became our message. Our tests in life become our testimony! Through the pages of Laura Lynn’s adventurous memoir of God's relentless pursuit, I was reminded that our God will lead us on the right pathways if we believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

   One of my favourite quotes in the book: "He took my HISTORY... I took His DESTINY!" 

   No matter where you are at this New Year’s day, may temporal ‘resolutions’ not distract you from truly embracing God’s revelations that are there for us to walk in. May 2014 be marked as one directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit to walk in God’s Relentless Redemption through every aspect of our lives. Not a life that marked by a set of to do lists, but a life that is lived out believing in the promises of God according to His plans, timing, and purpose!

"For the shattered, He brings healing. For the disqualified, He qualifies and for the weak, he becomes your strength. God pursues you down the darkest corridors and beckons you with His relentless love, redeeming you from every disaster that was orchestrated against you. Outrageously incredible days that will confound your mind, lay just beyond the most brutal of seasons... It is by crossing the wilderness that a promised land is found. God will never leave you in the place your own works have brought you. His power is inconceivable and His love unstoppable. He ceaselessly calls your name and He will never let you go. He is today and will always be your Relentless Redemption."- Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson      
Happy New Year! May your path be clear and steady in 2014!

Inspirational and comedic speaker and author of "Relentless Redemption",  Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, co-host for The 700 Club Canada shares her inspiring story of how she was called by God miraculously one night in 1999 to be on TV. She teaches us that every one of us has a gift that we were born to give to the world. When the enemy sees that you are beginning to walk in your call, it can be at this critical time that he sets a snare to rob you of what is rightfully yours. If you become ensnared, you may think it is lost forever. Redemption is when you get it back. Laura-Lynn shares the secrets to rising out of the ashes and fulfilling the great work that God has called you to. She will be speaking at our upcoming "Sharing the Journey" seminar on April 4-5 in Saskatoon. Tickets now available online: WJOF. Her book is available on her personal website or through Amazon!


Jodi Kozan is the founder and president of Women's Journey of Faith. She is passionate about the vision for WJOF "The Restoration of Women", and everything she speaks and writes is aimed in that direction. Hosting conferences and seminars since 2000, she is thrilled to see the ministry expand over the years including the Sharing the Journey SeminarTours, Faith Stories, Speakers, Journey Wings, our Mentor Center among other fun and fabulous social media connections!

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